Worsley Marriott Wedding

Worsley Marriott Wedding

We had the pleasure of photographing Laura and Gareth’s wedding last month at the Worsley Marriott Hotel.

It became clear, very early on, that this was definitely a wedding with some fabulous family and friends. We giggled the whole way through the bridal preparations (especially at some of the conversations!).

We also captured the best reaction from the bride’s mother when she first saw her daughter in her wedding dress. The father of the bride’s reactions were rather emotional too.

The beginning of the ceremony started with a massive mix of tears and giggles and this continued throughout the day.

It really was a lovely wedding with some lovely people. And check out the dad dance at the end of the night. Classic!

Hope you like the images Laura and Gareth.

Bridal preparations_0000.jpg

Worsley Marriott Bridal Preps_0001.jpg

Worsley Marriott Bridal Preps_0002.jpg

Worsley Marriott Bridal Preps_0003.jpg

Worsley Marriott Bridal Preps_0004.jpg

Pink Champagne_0000.jpg

Worsley Marriott Bridal Preps_0006.jpg

Worsley Marriott Bridal Preps_0005.jpg

Bridal party passport images_0000.jpg

Pre-wedding golf_0000.jpg

Worsley Marriott Bridal Preps_0007.jpg

Worsley Park_0000.jpg

Son getting ready for wedding_0000.jpg

Father and Son_0000.jpg

Brides bouquet_0000.jpg

Bridal veil_0000.jpg

Mother of the bride_0000.jpg

Father of the bride_0001.jpg


Father of the Bride_0000.jpg

Nervous Groom_0000.jpg

Laughing bride_0000.jpg

Laughing bride_0001.jpg

Laughing bride_0002.jpg

Bride and Groom_0000.jpg

Bride and Groom_0001.jpg

Kids at a wedding_0001.jpg

Mocha wedding cake_0000.jpg

Lucky in love_0000.jpg

Wedding Stationary_0000.jpg

Bride and Groom_0002.jpg

Golf wedding_0000.jpg

Kids at a wedding_0000.jpg

Wedding Selfie_0000.jpg

Black and white bridesmaid in window_0000.jpg

young children chatting at wedding_0000.jpg

Father of the bride speech_0000.jpg

Father of the bride speech_0001.jpg



Best Man

Best Man

Best Man

Best Man

Wedding Guests_0000.jpg

Wedding Guests_0001.jpg

Groom on scooter_0000.jpg

Flipflops for dancing_0000.jpg

Worsley Marriott wedding_0000.jpg

Worsley Marriott wedding_0001.jpg

Photo bomb_0000.jpg

Worsley marriott_0000.jpg

First Dance_0000.jpg

First Dance_0001.jpg

First Dance_0002.jpg

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