Wigan Wedding featuring guitars and nerf guns

Unconventional Wigan Wedding

When Kristen and Richard first mentioned ‘weddings and nerf guns’ in the same sentence we knew this would be one fun wedding.
We first met them at the Great Lancashire Wedding Show and loved to hear their story. They met on the internet while Kristen was living in Canada. So definitely a long distance romance. And when you look at them it’s just amazing how they are completely made for each other.

The more they told us about their wedding plans, the more we got excited.
Kristen is also a photographer and we knew how important it is to her. Richard is massively into his music and this was incorporated into the wedding.

You can read about their engagement and very romantic proposal here but this day is all about their wedding.

Richard surprised his best man, Kris, by asking him to play the guitar at their wedding. The surprise came because it was the night before the wedding (!!!) so he was practising hard on the morning of the wedding. But luckily, he knew his stuff and played at the wedding with no mistakes (well, none that we knew about).

As Kristen and Richard weren’t having a traditional wedding, we met them both at their house in the morning. Then Lizz whisked Richard and Kris over to Richard’s parent’s home while Archie stayed with Kristen. Check out Richards feet as he gets in the car!!

The wedding ceremony was at Wigan Registry Office then we went outside for some group photos. See the best photo bomb ever!

Then (this is where it gets totally rock and roll) Kristen, Richard, Kris (best man) and Beth (maid of honor) had a stroll around Wigan town centre and headed for their favourite chippy on Market Street. The women in the chippy knew they’d be coming and had bought them a gift. It was so sweet. It was also the first time we’ve ever been on the other side of a chippy counter. And we can both confirm that the chips were really nice!

Richard and Kristen then paid a quick visit to Symphony Music (where Richard works) and had a lovely time playing on the the guitars. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to get some photos.

A quick visit to the park with enough space for the nerf gun fight and the war was on. I have never seen as many nerf guns in my life. These guys take it very serious and we were completely jealous! Kris was definitely the winner (tie round the head obviously meant that) followed closely by Beth (great aim!).

Kristen was made up when they made their way to a gorgeous tree and discovered it was a Canadian Marple tree. It was nice to have a little bit of home with her on her wedding day.

Afterwards, they headed over to Richard’s auntie’s house and had a relaxed party outdoors. The firepit was fantastic but getting it going was a little hairy.

We can honestly say this wedding, whilst being so different from most weddings, was so much fun. Their family and friends were so lovely and treated us just like friends.

Thanks for asking us to be part of your special day.

best man playing guitar

black and white cat

Wigan wedding photographer_0001.jpg

bridal preps

groom with guitar and furry slippers

black and white mug

groom and best man walking to wigan registry office

best man playing guitar at wedding

bride and groom at wigan registry office

Wigan wedding photographer_0009.jpg

UK and Canadian flag at wedding

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