Where has the time gone?

Today, our darling daughter Mia finished nursery FOREVER!  She’s 4.5yrs old and will be starting ‘big’ school in September.  She has made some wonderful friends at her nursery and her teachers were just absolutely wonderful.  In fact we were quite teary saying goodbye to her teachers.

But what has inspired this post is the fact we remember when she was born like it was yesterday.  When we used to cuddle up on the couch watching the doodlebops in New Zealand,  walking around Cashmere just so she would have a sleep in the pram, the day we returned back to England when she was 18mths and she arrived carrying her own little suitcase and even the first day she started nursery when she cried because she didn’t want to come home!

Photography has been an important part of our lives for years and we’re really lucky as our lives are pretty much documented in pictures.  To us photography is so much more than a simple picture.  It’s a part of history, our family’s history, and I can guarantee before we know it we’ll be trawling our endless collection of photos for her 21st birthday!

If you’d like to have your family’s history documented in images then get in touch and we’ll preserve you for future generations to come!  [email protected]


Colour images of a baby asleep in a hammock

black and white portrait of a sleeping baby

Colour snapshot of mother and daughter


montage of girl with ice cream and balancing on a tree

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