Winter Wedding at West Tower

West Tower Wedding

Adele and Paul met us at the Great Northern Wedding Show a while back and are such a lovely couple.

They told us all about their plans for their wedding at the award winning West Tower Hotel. This is such a gorgeous venue and being exclusive to couples means we get full licence to shoot whereever we want.

Adele and Paul had their engagement shoot at Chorlton Water Park on a rather wet and cold day. We did think their wedding may have been the same, but luckily it stopped raining in the morning so there were able to venture out and make full use of the outdoors.

Which is great because you get the most amazing sunsets at West Tower as you can see from the images. Adele had asked us if we could get a sunset shot so we were praying that the sky would work with us! It didn’t let us down.

The venue was dressed in the most amazing flowers which made the place look beautiful and very classy.

In the evening guests all lit fireworks (not very easy as it was a bit windy) but Adele and Paul got the shot they wanted. Phew!

This was also the first time we got to work with Sam Fitton and Flossy and Leigh. Such brilliant wedding suppliers.

Moments that stole the day:

The guests faces while Sam Fitton was working his magic.
The bride and groom really, really enjoying their first dance.
And of course the amazing sunset. We wish we could have these at every wedding!
Winter Wedding at West Tower_0000.jpg

Wedding dress at West Tower Wedding_0000.jpg

Champagne in bucket_0000.jpg

Bridal preps at West Tower Wedding_0000.jpg

Father of the bride first look_0000.jpg

Bridal bouquet at West Tower Wedding_0000.jpg

groom preps at west tower wedding_0000.jpg

wedding rings_0000.jpg

Winter Wedding at West Tower_0000.jpg

pink roses_0000.jpg

Groom button hole_0000.jpg

groom seeing bride for first time_0000.jpg

smiling bride_0000.jpg

bride and groom saying their vows_0000.jpg

pinky promise_0000.jpg

Sam Fitton Selfie with bridesmaids_0000.jpg

Sam Fitton with bride and groom at west tower wedding_0000.jpg

card trick_0000.jpg

Surprised Bride_0000.jpg

West Tower Wedding_0000.jpg

Wedding Cake with gold glittery cake topper_0000.jpg

bride and groom at west tower wedding_0000.jpg

bride and groom at west tower wedding_0001.jpg

bride and groom at west tower wedding_0002.jpg

Wedding Speeches_0000.jpg

Bride and Groom at West Tower Wedding at sunset_0000.jpg

First dance at west tower wedding_0000.jpg

Groom dancing at west tower wedding_0000.jpg


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