West Lakes Tipi wedding – Colour alert!

I make no apologies for the mass of images in this blog post. I’ve been really trying to cut them down but I just can’t!! It’s been a while since we photographed this wedding (last summer actually) and going back over the images I’ve forgotten loads of images that I love, so I’ve had to include them.
I met Jo at a wedding fair and her dad is a photographer so we knew we had to ‘be right!’. Luckily we gained approval and Jo booked us for her wedding.
Jo and Mark got married in Eskdale, West Lakes at the Bower House Inn. They had a tipi wedding (WE LOVE TIPI WEDDINGS!) and Jo very creatively designed everything herself.
Because of this, Jo developed a real passion for wedding creations and has now started her own company Pippy’s Patch.
Jo and Mark wanted a very colourful wedding and they certainly got their wish. Unfortunately the only thing that wasn’t too colourful was the weather, but being the Lake District, Jo and Mark were prepared and the colourful brollies featured quite a lot!
I’m going to let the pictures tell the story of their day but the things that will stand out for me are the homemade cake pops (thanks for the recipe), homemade sloe gin, giant jenga, an excellent bbq and how amazing the interior of the tipi looks. Oh, and the fantastic first dance, followed by an even better all girl dance routine to Ant and Dec, let’s get ready to rumble! See I told you we loved this wedding.
Bower House Inn_0000.jpg
Bridal Preparations_0001.jpg
Bridal Preparations_0002.jpg
Bridal Preparations_0003.jpg
Bridal Preparations_0004.jpgColourful-bridesmaid-dresses_0002.jpg
Last minute ironing_0000.jpg
Groom in pub_0000.jpg
Groom in pub_0001.jpg
Flower button holes_0001.jpg
Groom in pub_0002.jpg
Wedding ceremony_0000.jpg
Wedding congratulations_0001.jpg
Wedding guests_0001.jpg

Bridal Preparations_0005.jpg
Tipi wedding_0000.jpg
Tipi lanterns_0000.jpg
Sloe gin_0000.jpg
Tipi lanterns_0001.jpgPippys-Patch-Bouquet_0000.jpg
Tipi lanterns_0002.jpg
Tipi lanterns_0003.jpg
Tipi lanterns_0004.jpg
Tipi lanterns_0005.jpg
Personalised doilies_0000.jpg
Colourful wedding chair covers_0000.jpgColourful-tipi_0000.jpg
Funny faces, groom and best man_0001.jpg
Groom and best man_0001.jpg
Giant Jenga_0000.jpg
Flower girls_0000.jpg
Wedding guests_0002.jpg
Wedding speeches_0000.jpg
Wedding speeches_0001.jpg
Wedding speeches_0002.jpg
Wedding bbq_0000.jpg
Wedding bbq_0001.jpg
Massive Jenga_0000.jpg
Massive Jenga_0001.jpg
Bride and Groom_0000.jpg
Bride and Groom_0001.jpgBridal-wellies_0000.jpg
Campervan wedding cake_0000.jpg
Chocolate fountain_0000.jpg
Dad and Newborn_0000.jpg
Colourful umbrellas_0000.jpg
Colourful umbrellas_0001.jpg
First Dance_0000.jpg
First Dance_0001.jpg
First Dance_0002.jpg

Tipi wedding_0001.jpg
Tipi wedding_0002.jpg

Thank You sparklers_0000.jpg
Tipi fire_0000.jpg
Ant & Dec_0000.jpg
Ant & Dec_0001.jpg
Ant & Dec_0002.jpg

  • April 30, 2014 - 12:24

    Karen Lee Turner - Love the picture near the start with the little girl bopping the bloke on the head with her wand. I wish I had this kind of full coverage photographer when I got married.ReplyCancel

  • May 3, 2014 - 18:43

    Charlotte - Oh my word… Those details! LOVE!!!ReplyCancel

  • July 1, 2014 - 21:59

    Michelle - Beautiful photos I was glad to asked to be part of the day to do joannes and wedding party s hair the venue and what joanne had created with bouquets etc were amazing xReplyCancel

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