Tips for Grooms

7 Tips for Grooms


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A friend of ours recently got engaged and asked Mr dj archer for tips in the run up to the wedding and on the wedding day. The advice he received was mixed, some of which can’t possibly be published!!! But others were genuinely good advice so we thought we’d share them with you too.

Tip 1

When you are making your speech make eye contact with your wife. So many people are nervous when they are doing their speech and tend to avoid eye contact with people. But when you look into your wife’s eyes and truly mean what you say there won’t be a dry eye in the room. And she’ll never forget that moment.

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Tip 2

Ask your fiancée if there’s anything you can do to help. The chances are she knows exactly what she wants and you’ve discussed the main points of the wedding. If you ask her what you can do to help she’ll appreciate your help but she’ll also know that you’re interested in the wedding. You can score big brownie points here! Organising the room setting is a great way of letting her relax before the big day.

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Tip 3

Keep the wedding personal to you and your bride. Have the wedding that you want, not what is expected of you. If you want to do your speeches before the meal, do it. If you want to have wedding cake for dessert, do it. If you want to arrive in a campervan with your mates, do it.

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Tip 4

Try to remember what you’re going to say during your speeches and use cards only as a cue. It’s so much easier to engage with people when you can look up at them. One of the best speeches we saw was from this best man. He did have his speech written down, but he would totally divert from the paper and recall tales of past memories about the groom. He was telling it from the heart and the room was in tears of laughter.

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Tip 5

Don’t get too drunk on your wedding day. You’ll want to remember everything about your wedding so pace yourself. That’s not to say don’t get merry, just don’t get drunk. If your party looks like this then you know you’re at the right level of merriness.

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Tip 6

If you can help it don’t wear a watch on the day. Sometimes they can be massive and can really stand out on your photos.

Tip 7

If you’ve got new shoes wear them in beforehand. A tip you’ve probaby been told by your mum for many years, but she’s right. You’ll be on your feet for a large time so make sure your shoes are comfortable.

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