The Copes family portrait session

As mentioned in a previous post, each year we hold a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day portrait competition.  Niel was our Father’s Day winner and we had the absolute pleasure of doing a lifestyle portrait shoot with Niel, his wife, Yvonne, their 5 (yes FIVE!) children and their rather large and very active dog, Sheska.

We had to put the portrait shoot off due to the terrible British weather we’ve had this summer, so we rescheduled for September.  And we certainly weren’t disappointed with the day we picked.

Niel used to spend a lot of happy times in the Lake District as a child so we thought it was a perfect place for the lifestyle shoot.  We made our way to Fell Foot Park and found some fantastic picture boards had been put around the park in honour of the Olympics.

They were perfect.  They made people laugh, made for a variety of different images but most of all any nervousness of having a family portrait taken went out of the window.  So much so that everyone was fighting to get in on the action.

I think the next photoshoot we do we should get some made up!

I also think their Nerf guns helped a lot.  I want one of those guns, they were brilliant.

Anyway, here are a few of the photos from the session.

If you like them and would like something similar for your own family portrait get in touch – [email protected] or 07850137378

Wanted style family portrait

Colour portraits

Colour lifestyle portrait of husband and wife

Colour lifestyle portrait of boy with gun

Colour portrait of Mother and Son

Colour lifestyle family portrait

Colour portrait of man being pulled by dog

Black and white lifestyle portrait of toddler

Black and white portraits of Dad and son

Black and white family portrait

Black and white toy gun fight

Colour portrait photos

Colour portrait photos

Colour portrait photos

Colour portrait photos

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