Tatton Park Wedding

East meets West at this Tatton Park Wedding

When twerking features early on in the morning, you know it’s going to be a great wedding!

Sai Han and Stuart were getting married at Tatton Park and then celebrating their marriage in Liverpool at an amazing Chinese restaurant.

This was our first Chinese wedding, but it was with a twist as the groom was Welsh.

In the Chinese tradition the groom arrives at the bride’s house with his bestman and ushers and has to pass certain tests, set by the bridesmaids, before they can enter. He needs to prove he is ‘worthy’ to marry the bride. And these bridesmaids weren’t going to let him off lightly. After answering a few questions about Sai Han, Stuart moved onto the next test, though not after performing pressups as a forfeit if he answered incorrectly. The next test was hilarious and never before have we seen 4 grown men twerking as hard as they could in the middle of a street.

Once Stuart had passed each test he was allowed in to see Sai Han and present her with her bouquet, in keeping with tradition.

Their ceremony was in the beautiful Tatton Park and the gardens made for a gorgeous.

Later in the day they drove to Liverpool to celebrate in the waterside restaurant, Chung Ku. And by celebrate, we mean lots of dancing, drinking and partying late into the evening.

And for those who follow us on instagram, this is the wedding where we showed a day in the life of a wedding photographer, a very busy day!

Moments that Stole the Day

4 grown men twerking in the street

The 4 amazing dresses that Sai Han wore

The very emotional tea ceremony

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