Spring Engagement Shoot – Tipi wedding!



This blog post features Jo and Mark’s engagement shoot in the Grane Valley, Haslingden.

I met Jo at a wedding fayre a while back and when she started to tell me about her wedding I tried to play it cool but inside I was getting just as excited as she was.

She mentioned two words which bring a massive smile to our faces – Lake District and Tipi.

We love going to the Lake District and get very excited when we’re asked to photograph a wedding up there.  The tipi just topped it all off.

At the engagement shoot we met Jo and Mark at their house and realised just how creative Jo is.  She was planning on making everything herself and we managed to have a sneak peak at some of her hand-made items.  They had also made their own cake pops, which they very kindly let us try.  Yummy!  Check out Jo’s facebook page, she’s got some lovely things on here.

We had a lovely walk around Grane Valley for their engagement shoot and even met a few cows!

 couple during engagement shoot


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