Shireburn Arms Wedding

Sunny Shireburn Arms Wedding

We had the absolute pleasure of photographing Becky and Ali’s extremely relaxed wedding at the Shireburn Arms in May.
It was a gorgeous sunny day (thank you weather), the wedding was perfect, the guests chatted, laughed and relaxed in the gardens and Becky and Ali managed to grab some time to themselves during a little trip to Stoneyhurst College.
Becky was probably the most relaxed bride ever and even on the morning of her wedding she hadn’t decided on which shoes to wear and just ‘went with the flow’.
They had the most delicious cheese cake, beautifully decorated by Becky’s sister-in-law and the guests were treated to a hog roast lunch which made everyone smile!
It was our first time at the Shireburn Arms and we weren’t disappointed as it was a gorgeous venue and loved how the guests made use of the games room.
Hope you like the photos.
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