Love at Quarry Bank Mill

Quarry Bank Mill Engagement Shoot

We spent a lovely afternoon with Rachel and Alex on their engagement shoot at Quarry Bank Mill.

We sampled their great coffee first whilst we chatted about their wedding plans in June.  We also discovered they had recently taken place in a tough mudder run and had only just healed, including facial cuts and bruises! So, luckily they didn’t have to postpone their engagement shoot.

Rachel and Alex are getting married at Bolton School next Summer and their plans sound amazing.  Lots of lovely home made touches which are going to make their wedding look beautiful.

Quarry Bank Mill Engagement Shoot_0001.jpgQuarry Bank Mill Engagement Shoot_0002.jpgQuarry Bank Mill Engagement Shoot_0003.jpgQuarry Bank Mill Engagement Shoot_0004.jpgQuarry Bank Mill Engagement Shoot_0000.jpg

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