Pre-wedding shoot in Lancaster

Williamson Park Pre-wedding shoot

Jen and Bob met us at the Great Lancashire Wedding Show and spotted their friend on one of our pictures. They realised that we had actually photographed their friend’s wedding and we quickly pulled the images up on the iPad and realised they featured on quite a few too!

We had a great chat at their flat where I got to meet their lovely ghecko and they booked us to photograph their wedding later this year.

Jen and Bob met at Lancaster University and spent a lot of time in Williamson Park so that’s where they chose to have their engagement shoot.

Being the centre of attention and having a camera pointing at your face can be quite daunting and like most couples it can make you a little nervous.

But I have to admit, they very quickly got into the swing of things. They are such a smiley, happy couple and we just know their wedding photos are going to be amazing.


Laughing couple during their pre-wedding shoot

Black and white image of couple laughing during their pre-wedding shoot

Pre-wedding shoot_0001.jpg

Pre-wedding shoot at Williamson Park, Lancaster

Couple leaning on bridge at Williamson Park

Black and white image of couple on their pre-wedding shoot

  • May 12, 2015 - 09:11

    Sarah Arrow - How cool that you could share the photos of their friends wedding via your iPad! I love the photo of them under the bridge, it’s stunning.ReplyCancel

    • May 12, 2015 - 09:28

      Lizz Riley - Thanks for your lovely comments Sarah. It was rather uncanny that we already had lots of pictures of this couple but we just didn’t know!ReplyCancel

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