Ntertain Showcase

Ntertain Showcase

Every so often being in the wedding industry has its perks and bumping into John Norcott from Ntertain was one such occassion.

We’ve seen John perform at a wedding and absolutely loved his performance. We bumped into him again at the Great Lancashire Wedding Show and he mentioned that he had started a new way of helping brides and grooms choose their wedding performers.

Ntertain put on showcase nights where you go along, listen to quite a few different acts and decide who to book for your wedding.

I had the pleasure of going with Karen Lee from Hello Brolly and Gill Bond from GM Bespoke Events so we could make it a girlie night. Mr dj archer babysat (thanks love!).

The showcase that we attended was held at the West Tower wedding venue and this was the first time I’d been here. Gorgeous venue and we can’t wait till next year when we’ve got a wedding to photograph there.

As we walked in we were treated to a glass of bubbly, some ‘fake’ money for the casino table, then a few other wedding suppliers happy to answer any questions you may have.

Liz Hendry was playing the piano beautifully and it was perfect whilst everyone was milling around and having a chat. I would definitely recommend Liz to play during your ceremony and afterwards while your guests are all talking. To be honest, I felt a bit posh having someone playing the piano in the background, and really enjoyed it (I’m not very posh!).

We were going to make full use of the photobooth and the casino but unfortunately we talked a lot longer than was anticipated and left it a little too late to visit the suppliers. Next time…

First up was Michelle Lee and I really must apologise for the fact we were still talking while she was singing. Probably because we had arrived later than planned whilst most people had already settled themselves in, but I do remember she had a beautiful voice.

Next up was ortoPilot. We absolutely loved him. I would quite happily buy his cd. Remember the song from Wedding Singer when Adam Sandler sings to Drew Barrymore on the plane? Well ortoPilot sang this and I love this song. He was our favourite.

But, next up was the Retro Brothers. Two brothers who at the night’s event sang a lot of 80s tunes. They had us all singing (sorry, I didn’t get a picture as I was too busy singing) and left us a bit confused.  We thought we had already chosen our favourite, but these guys were brilliant and would be fantastic for a wedding. These were now our favourite.

After Retro Brothers came Just Matt. Oh bugger, another guy who was brilliant. He sang a lot of modern songs and by this point the dancing started. Not only was he a great singer but he had great stage presence too. He would definitely make an impact at your wedding and have everyone up dancing. He’s our favourite.

Next was John Norcott. And as per usual he was just fabulous. John started with a bit of swing and within a song or two even more people were up dancing. We were having a ball. John was our favourite.

And finally the Live Piano Experience started. These guys worked hard, really hard and I don’t think anyone was sat down at this point. Everyone was up. You know when you want everyone up dancing at your wedding, well this is how to do it. They were our favourite.

Then, Mark from The Live Piano Experience invited John to come back up and sing a couple with them. We had no chance of getting another drink at this point because the floor was packed and we would have had to push our way through the dancers (some of them quite energetic too)!

Honestly, we did try to pick our favourites but we simply couldn’t. Each act was amazing and each act was different so we decided the only option was to book them all.
Showcases are the absolute way forward for choosing your wedding entertainment. We saw quite a few brides who had taken their mum and friends and made a proper girlie night of it. We even met one bride who had already chosen John as her wedding entertainment over a year ago but she just loved the nights that much she kept on coming back!
And we bumped into a client of ours who wanted to see the Live Piano Experience before she booked them. After seeing them she booked there and then.
So I can absolutely recommend visiting a showcase and, another massive plus, some of the acts have special deals that are only available on the night.
Check out the dates for the next showcases at Ntertain.

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