Mother’s Day Family Portrait Shoot

Each year we host a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day competition to win a free lifestyle portrait shoot.  All people have to do to enter is tell us why they love being a Mum and a Dad.

The winner of the Mother’s Day competition was Sharon Bailey and this was her winning entry:

“It’s the feeling of unconditional love.  No matter what!  Proud, happy, giddy, excitement, enjoyment, sadness, all these feelings all rolled into one.  I love my girl so much I could squeeze her to death (literally) all the time.

We talk, we share, we laugh, we cry.  And to take it one step further all this has been extended as she has given me a lovely grandson and all this love has been duplicated – it just goes on and on…I am so happy, so proud,

I didn’t know anyone could feel so much – it’s such a special gift.  Love and Happiness – If you have got it, hold on to it.  I am grateful everyday for the love we share – no matter what!!!!! x She’s my best friend as well as my daughter.”

WOW – isn’t that just lovely!

We found a wonderful little spot in Haigh Hall to meet Sharon and her family and her grandson Oliver was the star of the show.

Lifestyle Portrait of Grandma and Grandson

Colour lifestyle portrait of son playing with his Dad

Colour montage of lifestyle portrait of a 2 yr old boy

Colour photo of Dad and Son

Black and white photos of a boy laughing.

Lifestyle family portrait photo

Colour photo of a little boy holding balloons

Black and white lifestyle photo of boy with balloons


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