Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge


As you probably know by now the ALS Ice Bucket challenge is sweeping the world with millions of money being raised for Motor Neurone Disease.

If you want to find out more about MND then click here.

Recently a friend of Danny’s has been diagnosed with MND so we fully support this fabulous charity and the amazing campaign.

I know not everyone among you will want to do the challenge and you’ll have personal reasons for not doing so but here’s why we did it.

About 11 years ago I was informed of the death of a colleague’s wife.  She had suffered from bad health for most of her life but manage to live a very active and worthwhile life.  She was going to hospital that day for a life changing operation.  She never recovered.

As I walked home that day the rain poured.

Normally I would have put my hood and umbrella up and rush to my car.  That day I chose to walk slowly in the rain.  To let it soak me through.  I wanted to feel every single drop of rain and appreciate what it meant.  Plants would be watered, flowers would look beautiful, food would grow and life would go on. For me.

I wanted to feel alive.

And that’s why we did the ice bucket challenge.

As the icy cold water poured onto my skin my breath was taken away.  It really was cold.  I had goosebumps all over and brain freeze.  But the fact that I could feel this reminded me that not everyone is as lucky as we are.  How many people wish their loved ones were here to take part.

To be part of this global awareness campaign of MND is amazing and if such a small action as pouring icy water over your head can save lives then I’d happily do it every day.

Even our 4 year old daughter Anya did it (but I didn’t put ice in her bucket, I’m not cruel).  She obviously did it because she thought it was funny and she’s pretty much up for anything.  She doesn’t know why we’re raising money but she knows it will help people.  Her Nanna donated some money on Anya’s behalf.

We’re lucky, very lucky, and if we can help in anyway for fantastic causes we will.

So get donating people and feel alive.

Text ICED55   £5  to 70070


Massive Thanks to Kenny Brown from Kenny Brown Photography for kindly capturing our images and laughing your head off in the process!


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