Why we love our photography

A few weeks ago I was asked to do a short presentation on the type of photography that we do.  “Great” I thought, I love every chance I get to promote our business until I found out the main guest speaker was blind!

Normally I’ll use slideshows to show our images then talk about the images while they’re on screen, but I realised a very important person in the audience would be at a serious disadvantage, so I just let time take it’s course, hoping something would manifest into a speech for everyone.

The day before the speech I decided to visit my parents at their allotment and my two daughters came with me.  They love it at the allotment.  They like to feed the chickens and laugh when I run around trying to catch one just so they can stroke it.  My youngest daughter (aged 2) loves getting dirty and is always found digging and sitting in the dirt. My eldest daughter likes to plant the seeds in the greenhouse then re-pot them as they grow, plus she loves ‘break-time’ when Grandma makes her a cup of coffee.

A friend came over chatting and my daughters were telling her about what they’d been doing on the allotment.  After hearing all the stories my two daughters had to tell her she turned to us and said “You’re not just planting vegetables, you’re making memories for the children”.  And she is so right.

My mum still talks about her Grandma who died over 30 years ago and has very fond memories of the things they did together, now she’s the Grandma and is creating memories for her own grandchildren, memories to be cherished for years to come.

And that’s exactly the type of photos that we take.  Our photos tell stories of events, stories which will evoke memories for years to come.  Stories which portray personality and stories which make you smile when you look at them.

So that’s what I spoke about the following night and everyone  really enjoyed the talk.  And I didn’t show one photo during the speech, I didn’t need to, everyone totally understood where I was coming from.

So I’ve decided that we don’t take pictures anymore, we take memories.

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