Harry Potter Wedding

When Rose and Adam told us they were having a Dr Who, Disney and Harry Potter Wedding we got very excited. But we didn’t realise it would be as good as it was.

Adam proposed to Rose on a lovely picnic at Malham Cove, a Harry Potter film location and it all sounded very romantic.

They got married at Charnock Farm in Leyland on a gorgeous sunny day. Rose got ready in the hotel part of the venue directly opposite the ceremony room so the walk to the wedding ceremony was absolutely brilliant and Rose managed to hide behind a car, while Adam avoided looking out of the window!

Rose wore a beautiful white knee length dress with a gorgeous bird cage veil from Crown and Glory by Rock N Roll Bride. She had amazing ruby red shoes and also bought some gorgeous Vivienne Westwood flats for dancing the night away. Adam looked super cool in his electric blue suit and carried the red theme through on his tie and button hole. He also had the coolest batman tie pin as well as Dr Who cufflinks.

Rose and Adam never stop smiling. I mean, NEVER. They are one of the happiest couples that we’ve met and we’re convinced that Adam smiles in his sleep. This wedding was an absolute joy to photograph. They had a trip to see all the animals on the farm, especially Ben, the rather large goat, who decided he wasn’t playing for the camera unless we fed him! Even a pony got in on the shots.

And a friend had surprised Rose and Adam by bringing along a gorgeous little Dachshund who Rose just adores. Check out their wedding cake with the gorgeous little Dachshund couple on top. The wedding cake was made by Rose’s mum and it was absolutely gorgeous. And it smelled delicious.

The party continued all day with some great garden games, lots of trips to see the animals and lots os excuses to make use of the homemade wands Rose had made. Olivander himself would have been impressed with these wands. We learned very early on that Rose is extremely talented. She made Adam’s Dr Who scarf, all the Harry Potter wands, the Monster book of Monsters to hold their cards and even little golden snitches scattered around the room. We looked on with envy as we really don’t possess that amount of talent.

They day ended with a great first dance then the kids took over the dance floor and kept their parents on their toes as much as they could. It really was a fantastic wedding. Congratulations Rose and Adam.

Moments that Stole the Day

The amazing artifacts that Rose had made.
The constant smiles. Probably the happiest couple ever.
Their amazing wedding outfits, making as much use of colour as they could whilst also remaining very classy.
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