Happy 4th Birthday Anya

We can’t believe our little baby, Anya, is 4 years old today.

Our eldest daughter Mia, is so gentle and well behaved so we thought it must be down to our great parenting skills.

Until Anya came along! WOW!

She is such a livewire. You can’t leave her for 2 minutes before she’s exploring and generally getting up to mischief. I think we’ve both aged 10 years since having her.

But, she has a massive personality. Is so easy going, demands to be the centre of attention but doesn’t disappoint at all and generally provides a fantastic show or a comedy routine Eddie Izzard would be proud of. Plus put her in front of a camera and she immediately gives the best smile ever so she makes a great model!

We are so lucky and blessed to be the parents of two beautiful girls.  We’re also so lucky to have an endless amount of photographs of them both so we can always look back at their younger days with fond memories and satisfaction that we got through it!

Montage of jumping in the sand

Close crop image of girls curls and headband

Cheeky girl grinning with a fabric lollipop

black and white image of a girl and a mere cat teddy

black and white bluebells with a girl dancing with fairy wings

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