Get the most from the Great Northern Wedding Show

Great Northern Wedding Show

Great Northern Wedding Show

It’s less than 1 week before Lancashire’s largest free wedding show.  Suppliers across the North of England will be adding their final touches to their show products, running around like idiots making sure leaflets will arrive in time, and making sure goodie bags have the best goodies ever.  Well, we definitely are!

We’ve exhibited with the Great Northern Wedding Show (previously known as the Great Lancashire Wedding Show – that’s how big it’s grown) since inception.  We remember the first one very well and we still get just as nervous the night before each show as we did those few years ago.

It’s an absolute joy to meet so many different brides and grooms and to hear about their wedding plans.  From the lavish country estates, rustic barn weddings and the much smaller Auntie’s back yard events.  All the different themes including lego, girl guides and travel themes.  From the smaller budgets to the massive budgets.  We love hearing about them all and we love it even more when we’re privileged enough to be asked to photograph them.

Some people absolutely love the show and rock up nice and early wearing comfortable shoes and will happily stay all day, having a good chat with the suppliers and making the most of having over 120 suppliers to ask questions and see if they can help with their wedding plans.  Others can look a bit ‘lost’.  They only came to find a particular type of supplier but having so many people to look at can be a bit of a maze.

So here is our guide to making the most from the Great Northern Wedding Show.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.  This is an absolute must.  Or at least start in gorgeous high heels but bring flip flops in your bag!
  • If you’re browsing, bring your friends along too.  These events can be such a great excuse for a girlie day out.  Lots of cake to test, great coffee to buy and ice cream is always available.
  • If you’re at the ‘booking’ stage it’s always advisable to visit with your partner so you can make a more informed choice about the suppliers.
  • Get there early if you want the free goodie bags.  Little White Books always have great goodie bags but they’re only available to the first 500 brides.  The show opens at 11am.  Don’t expect to get a goodie bag if you turn up at 10.50.  There’ll be people queuing around the block from at least 10.15 onwards.
  • There are always quiet parts during the day when suppliers have more time to talk to you.  These are generally when the cat walks are on and about the last hour to 30 mins of the show.  If you wanted to have a really good, long chat with the suppliers about their products, services and availabilities, pick a quiet time to talk to them.
  • If you haven’t chosen your dress yet have a look at the catwalk for some amazing examples, and don’t forget to see the ‘alternative catwalk’ provided by Legend Bridal.
  • Check out the demonstrations for hair and make up which happen throughout the day.
  • Always, always, no matter why you’re even visiting the show, check out the cake suppliers.  It would be extremely rude for them to take samples back home so they absolutely must be eaten!  And if you’re dieting, we’re always happy to eat the samples for you!
  • If there are competitions to enter, enter them.  You never know your luck.
  • If you do like a particular supplier have a good chat with them.  Get to know them as people and see if you would like to work with them for your wedding.  Don’t ever feel pressured to make a booking on the day if you feel that you’d like to sleep on it.  We often have couples who go away, have a look at our website, then get back in touch a few days later to book us.
  • If you absolutely know you want a particular supplier then confirm your booking on the day and pay your deposit asap.  With over 3,000 people attending the show, it’s highly likely someone with the same wedding date as you will want that supplier too.  And as suppliers we hate turning couples away just because someone booked their date before them.
  • If you have no idea who you want to speak to, break it down into categories.  Then focus on each category.  Visit their stalls, have a chat, then go and have a coffee and chat about which ones you liked.  Do the same for the different categories until you’ve ticked them all off.
  • Follow the Great Northern Wedding Show on Facebook as they will often tell you of special offers, competitions and updates for the wedding show which are all good to know about.
  • Get a copy of the Show Guide.  This is absolutely invaluable.  It contains a list of each supplier, their stand number and where they will be.  This is also great for referring to suppliers that you’ve spoken to at the show.  Scribble notes on it too.  With over 120 suppliers it’s sometimes easy to forget who you’ve actually spoken with.

Then no doubt here’s what you’ll do on Sunday evening.  Head back home, order take away because you’re too shattered to cook, kick off your shoes and open the wine.   Or maybe that will just be us!!!

See you Sunday.

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