Family Portraits (with wings)

Family Portraits (with wings)


We’ve been dying to blog the images from this family portrait session but they were for a lovely Christmas present so we’ve been unable to release them until now.  Vicki and Brian from the Cake Whisk commissioned us to take some gorgeous natural images of their grandchildren so they could give them to their mums and dads on Christmas Day.

So, we joined them in November along with balloons, wings and chocolate apples.  We had loads of fun and the children (all 5 of them) were so well behaved and really nice kids. They certainly made our job easy.

Vicki had been shopping prior to the shoot and really went to town on their outfits which all looked fabulous.

Giving the children little tasks can all help to make a photoshoot fun and natural. Simple things like helping to blow the balloons up and popping them at the end of the shoot all make for photo opportunities.  And rather than just standing still we asked the boys to have a leaf throwing competition which they absolutely loved. So did we!!

We finished the shoot in complete silence as the kids happily sat down and munched away on their chocolate apples.

Oh, and not forgetting our signature ‘It’s all about me’ images. The kids just love seeing their pictures with their name and details on.

Vicki and Brian chose our digital portrait package for the presents and very kindly sent us this email just after Christmas.

“Thank you so much for the amazing pictures you took of our grandchildren. Beautiful xxxx Love every one of them… and your new presentation box is stunning. x”

Enjoy the images, and if you want further information on how to book simply email Lizz at [email protected]

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