Serious selfie stick envy

Falcon Manor Wedding

We found ourselves in the most beautiful venue surrounded by the most beautiful views and the most beautiful people in July this year.

Ashleigh and Richard got married at Falcon Manor over in Settle, North Yorkshire.

It was the type of wedding that just warms your heart.

The lovely couple didn’t stop smiling and the love just poured from them.  And their family and friends were such lovely people too.

We arrived to find Richard decorating the cake.  Richard is a chef and he wanted to make a beautiful cake.  He definitely achieved that.

A quick trip to see the bride and her bridesmaids, who didn’t stop laughing, then we had a wander around the venue.  The venue was amazing and the staff were really nice. Plus we had the best deserts ever.

Moments that stole the day.
  • The bridesmaids’ reactions to seeing Ashleigh in her dress for the first time. I love it when the dress is such a surprise.
  • Ashleigh’s brother did a reading during the ceremony and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Including us and the registrars.
  • Check out the bouquet toss at the end of the day.  Some rather enthusiastic ladies there.  And one rather scared boyfriend!
  • Just after the first dance Ashleigh had a dance with her dad.  Luckily we were able to hide behind our cameras but boy, that was very emotional.  Even Mr dj archer was tearful and he didn’t even cry when his kids were born!
  • And if you hunt carefully you can see Ashleigh’s little blue dog for her ‘something blue’ hiding in her bouquet.

We now have serious selfie stick envy.  Ours is a tiny thing.  One of the bridesmaids had a remote control stick and it was absolutely massive. We want one!

Bridal Preps_0000.jpg

bridesmaids in a bath tub taking a selfie at Falcon Manor_0000.jpg

Green bridesmaids dresses_0000.jpg

Groom decorating wedding cake at Falcon Manor_0000.jpg

Groom getting ready_0000.jpg

Grooms reflection whilst getting ready_0000.jpg


Wedding Rings_0000.jpg

Groom decorating wedding cake at Falcon Manor_0001.jpg

Bride putting on her wedding dress_0000.jpg

Father of the Brides first reaction_0000.jpg

Proud mother of the bride_0000.jpg

Falcon Manor wedding_0000.jpg

Bride and father of the bride at Falcon Manor_0000.jpg

Bridesmaids reaction to wedding dress_0000.jpg

Father and bride walking down the aisle_0000.jpg

Wedding ceremony at Falcon Manor_0000.jpg

Bride and groom at Falcon Manor_0000.jpg

Bride and groom at Falcon Manor_0001.jpg

Bride and groom at Falcon Manor_0002.jpg

Falcon Manor wedding_0001.jpg

Brides bouquet_0000.jpg

Blue dog for something blue_0000.jpg

Group Photo_0000.jpg

Lace and cream wedding stationary_0000.jpg

Lace and cream wedding stationary_0001.jpg

Lace guest book and gift box_0000.jpg

Polaroid photo tree_0000.jpg

Table settings at Falcon Manor_0000.jpg

Falcon Manor room settings_0000.jpg

Father of the brides speech_0000.jpg

Father of the brides speech_0001.jpg

Grooms speech_0000.jpg

Grooms speech_0001.jpg

Best Mans speech_0000.jpg

Best Mans speech_0001.jpg

Selfie Stick envy_0000.jpg

Bride and Groom on a red leather couch_0000.jpg

Bride and Groom at sunset_0000.jpg

Bride and Groom at sunset_0001.jpg

Bride and Groom at sunset_0002.jpg

Cream wedding cake with suger flowers_0000.jpg

Cream wedding cake with suger flowers_0001.jpg

Cutting the cake_0000.jpg

Full length wedding dress at Falcon Manor_0000.jpg

Full length wedding dress_0000.jpg

Yorkshire wedding_0000.jpg

Spectators for the bouquet toss_0000.jpg

bouquet toss_0000.jpg

bouquet toss_0001.jpg

winner of the bouquet toss_0000.jpg


First dance_0000.jpg

Father of the bride and bride dance_0000.jpg

Falcon Manor fireside with candles_0000.jpg

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