Engagement Shoot on the Moors

If anyone can read this beautiful proposal and still have dry eyes we’ll be pretty surprised.

We met this lovely couple at the Great Lancashire Wedding Fair. Siobhan and Sam told us all about their very exciting wedding next year being held in a barn in Yorkshire.

After chatting further we discovered more information about their wonderful engagement. It was just beautiful and I’m very honored to share it with you.

Siobhan was taken on a shopping trip by her chief bridesmaid then off to dinner at a local pub with Sam. When she returned home she found a balloon attached to a length of string saying ‘These are a few of my favourite memories of us’. As she followed the trail around the house she found lots of photos of the fantastic times they’d had, along with sweet little messages.

At the end of the trail there was a gift bag with a blindfold in it. Sam lead Siobhan into the loft and told her to take the blindfold off.

She was greeted with fairy lights, candles and roses. Straight ahead was a beautiful canvas which had lots of words inside a heart with bigger words across the middle saying “Will You Marry Me?”

As Siobhan looked at Sam he was down on one knee holding a box with a beautiful ring inside. Siobhan’s obvious answer was “YES”.

Sam said he was very relieved that he could finally get rid of the secret he had been carrying around for weeks and also that the love of his life had agreed to marry him. AW!!!

If any of you can top that proposal we’d love to know. Just email us here

We hope you enjoy the photos.

Engagement Shoot_0001.jpg
Engagement Shoot_0002.jpg
Engagement Shoot_0003.jpg
Engagement Shoot_0004.jpg
Engagement Shoot_0005.jpg
Engagement Shoot_0006.jpg
Engagement Shoot_0007.jpg
Engagement Shoot_0008.jpg

  • August 29, 2013 - 21:26

    Joy Healey - How lovely to hear that the age of romance is not yet dead, and what beautiful photographs.ReplyCancel

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