Engagement shoot at Tatton Park

Next month sees the lovely wedding of Rachel and Steve and we’re so excited to photograph their wedding.

Rachel and Steve are a perfect picture of love. Their faces light up when they look at each other and we just know they’re going to be smiling the whole time during their wedding day.

Their wedding is going to be epic and they’re having over 300 guests in the evening – talk about a massive party!

They certainly got into the swing of things during their engagement shoot and definitely made the most of Tatton Park’s varied backdrops and beautiful scenery.

They even used some of these images for their Save the Date cards.

Enjoy the photos.
pre wedding photos_0001.jpg
pre wedding photos_0003.jpg
pre wedding photos_0004.jpg
pre wedding photos_0005.jpg
pre wedding photos_0006.jpg
pre wedding photos_0007.jpg
pre wedding photos_0008.jpg
pre wedding photos_0009.jpg
pre wedding photos_0010.jpg
pre wedding photos_0011.jpg
pre wedding photos_0012.jpg
pre wedding photos_0013.jpg
pre wedding photos_0014.jpg
pre wedding photos_0015.jpg

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