Early night? I think not, but why?

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I was at a meeting at 7am this morning.  It was a networking meeting.  In case you didn’t know, all over the world there are these strange meetings happening very early in the mornings in hotels.  It sounds very dodgy doesn’t it?

But for small independent businesses like ours these meetings are vital in gaining good quality customers, which is why we drag our backsides out of bed extremely early and then meet other small independent businesses to see how we can help each other.

I go to BoB club (yep, sounds even dodgier!!!) but I have to admit I love it.  It’s a great group of people and after a coffee or 3 we’re all nattering away and having a brilliant laugh.

But by 9.30 pm I’m normally shattered.  Which is why I always promise myself an early night.  But today it’s not happening.  “Why?” I hear you all ask (just humour me!).

Well, not only was I networking with lots of local business at 7 am but I also started my very own networking group specifically for wedding suppliers, just at a more agreeable time of 10.30 am.

We had a fantastic chat about what we do, why we do it (trust me people, everyone in this group simply loves their job) and how we can help each other in terms of recommending them to couples who need their services.

And I’m pretty honoured to have such a fantastic group of people who want to be part of the group.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be telling you a bit about each supplier and I’m sure you’ll agree just how amazing they are, but for now I’d definitely recommend you check these people out.  Let’s put it this way, if you hired us all to do your wedding you’d have the most amazing memories ever!

Jaime Ball from Jamball

Karen Lee Turner from Hello Brolly

Vicki Ormerod from The Cake Whisk

Megan Hawkins from Typical Type

Duncan Fisher from L’Hairport

Laura Newton from Love My Trike

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