Cocktail Party Wedding

We had the pleasure of photographing Jan and Richard’s wedding back in March this year.

It was held at the beautiful location of Hoghton Tower. Jan and Richard wanted an evening wedding and the candlelight looked magnificent in the Banqueting Hall, incidentally where James I knighted the loin of beef, hence the name ‘Sir Loin’

Hoghton Tower is absolutely perfect as a wedding venue and the staff were so attentive, not only to the guests but also to us (thanks for the coffee guys).

But Hoghton Tower will always hold a special place for me after my dad once said he was taking us to Alton Towers. After getting incredibly excited (imagine a child after a 2 hour sugar eating session) I then realised my dad has a broader Bolton accent than I originally thought and he really does drop his ‘h’ at every available opportunity. Though we still had a lovely day at Hoghton Tower (thanks dad!).

Bolton Wedding Photographer_0011.jpg

Bolton Wedding Photographer_0001.jpg

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