Celebrating the Queen’s jubilee

OK, these photos weren’t technically taken on the Queen’s jubilee but the weekend before.  Most people will remember the Queen’s jubilee was a very very wet affair.  We’re so glad we celebrated in advance.

They were taken at Ainsdale Beach, near Southport, one of our favourite places so we love it when clients (and friends) want a photoshoot there.

And today, the tide was in, the weather was gorgeous and everyone was happy. Plus the beach was absolutely packed.  For anyone who hasn’t been to Ainsdale it’s miles and miles long, but we’ve never seen it as packed.  Though you’d never know it after looking at the photos.  That’s what I call good timing with the lens.

Two little girls are dancing and paddling in the sea

 black and white portrait of two little girls paddling in the sea

black and white portrait of 3 girls paddling in the sea

vintage portrait of girls running across the beach waving Union Jack flags

colourful portrait of girls waving union jack flags on the beach

Colourful portrait against a blue sky

  • October 10, 2012 - 19:55

    Jan - I always love your photos Lizz, you really do capture life. Thanks again for the smile. I can’t decide which one is my fav, I think I’ll have to plump for first one.ReplyCancel

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