Blue bell woods – Merseyside

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Fairy dancing

Today we went to visit a bluebell woods with two very eager little girls.  Not only do they love bluebells, woods, and generally being outdoors, but the thought of being able to dress up as fairy princesses was so exciting for them and they had a wonderful time.  They especially loved it when passers-by stopped to have a nosey at what they were doing!

The woodland floor was covered in bluebells and they all looked so pretty that we did are best not to squash them.  Well, we did our best, but the children showed no respect at all!  Though they had great fun dancing around the woods in their little tutus and wellies.  They even had loads of fun exploring the fox holes throughout the woods, just like Alice in Wonderland.

Portrait photography Bolton

Ballerina dancing in the woods. Lancashire portrait photographer

Close up portrait. Portrait photographer Bolton

Detailed shot during a portrait shoot in Merseyside.

Walk in a bluebell woods, Merseyside.  Bolton Portrait Photographers

Sister cuddles in the bluebell woods during a portrait photo shoot in Merseyside

Fox Holes - Alice in Wonderland.  Bolton Portrait Photographers

Dancing girl.  Portrait Photographers in the North West.

Wannabee ballerinas.  During a photo shoot in Merseyside

Black and white Bluebells.  Bluebell wood merseyside

Favourite teddy bear.

Balancing Beam during a portrait shoot in Merseyside

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