Sometimes fate puts us in touch with people we’d never expect to meet and meeting Megan from Typical Type was one such example.

Megan’s children and one of my daughters were modelling for Aspire Photography Training and we met in a room full of children and clothes strewn everywhere.  We remained in contact, Facebook is great for that and Megan told me last year all about BIG LOVE.

If you haven’t seen or heard of BIG LOVE and BIG DANCE then you’ll love these photos.  They simply turn your wedding venue from a lovely venue to a WOW venue.  We’ve been at weddings when guests have seen the letters and they’re all dying to get their picture taken in front of them.

Typical Type belongs to Megan and Daz (aka Razzle Dazzle).

A few facts about Megan and Daz:

  • They live in Lancaster with their 4 children.
  • At their own wedding Daz cried but only when he saw the kids! (Megan’s words.)
  • Megan’s perfect day would start with breakfast in bed followed by a trip to the beach with the kids.  And it would end with a bonfire and BBQ on the beach.

Sounds pretty good to me.

If you’d like to book BIG LOVE or BIG DANCE, or any other of their products contact Megan at [email protected] or have a nosey at their website for more inspiration.

Wedding room at the Midland Hotel

Big Love with wedding couple

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