Bespoke products

We believe the our bespoke luxury albums are the best albums on the market.  Folio albums are a fresh and innovative company based in the North of England.  It’s clear to see how passionate the staff are about producing such beautifully crafted, high end albums.


There are quite a few reasons why we love this company:


  • The ink and paper are of archival quality and have been tested to last 100 years+!  When your great great grandchildren (or even great great great grandchildren) are looking back at all the old stuff from years gone by, they’ll come across this album and will look at it as you do today.


  • The album can open out flat with an almost invisible crease.  This allows us to take your album to another dimension by using the whole width of a two page spread, giving fabulous layout potential.  This takes your wedding album onto another level.


  • The inks and matte paper produce such high quality pages within your album which can’t be attained by traditional photographic printing. 


  • The albums are made in Britain, which is a huge plus in our eyes.


  • The company is very environmentally aware.  They use as many local suppliers as possible to reduce jet fuel, they have a carbon neutral website and they use UPS’s carbon neutral service for delivery.



The main reason we love their albums is because they are simply a gorgeous, tactile piece of art and the nicest albums we have seen.  You can guarantee your friends will be wishing they had used dj archer photography and Folio albums for their wedding.