Barmbyfield Barn Wedding at Christmas

It’s a Wonderful Life

Christmas is probably our favourite time of the year. We absolutely adore it, and when we’re asked to shoot a Barmbyfield Barn wedding which features Christmas trees, candles, fairy lights and mistletoe we’re instantly going to say YES.

Katie and David found our pictures on Barmbyfield Barns website and emailed us to see if we could organise a skype chat with them.

It’s hard to say you hit it off with someone over skype but it did feel that way. We met up in York for their engagement shoot and quickly realised they are such a wonderful couple.

And from the sound of their wedding it was going to be amazing. We weren’t disappointed. Barmbyfield Barns looked amazing and Kate and David, along with their family had done a wonderful job. Check out the table seating plan – it’s like an art installation. Oh, and check out their wedding menu, the kind of meals everyone simply longs for.

These types of weddings just fill our hearts with joy. So much laughter, love, and hugs. And once the party got started it was brilliant. These guys really knew how to party.

We were also very pleased that the weather behaved.  Whilst the wind did pick up in certain locations it played very nicely with Kate’s veil and gave us a wonderful display!

Kate and David had booked odd pod (our photobooth package) as an added extra, along with our staylate package so we could get all the great party pictures. And these guys certainly didn’t disappoint.

Moments that Stole the Day

The laughter, so much laughter.  Such an amazing happy bunch.

The venue was absolutely stunning and they had done an amazing job at decorating the barn.

The party.  These guys really knew how to party and David’s dancing was pure brilliance!

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