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Today we had the pleasure of attending the opening ceremony of All About Food‘s new offices.  This company isn’t just all about food,they’re also all about family.  The company and it’s staff really have a family spirit and their new offices certainly convey this.

We were honoured to have a sneaky view of the offices before the staff arrived as Phil (the MD) and Sarah (the Office Mum as she is known) wanted us to get some shots of the employees reactions.  Well we certainly got some fantastic shots but it’s not hard to see why when you understand the offices at all about food.

Firstly, as the staff waited to enter their new offices Skelmersdale Prize Band played to keep them entertained.

Colour Portrait of tuba player

Just as the ribbon was about to be cut they played the theme tune to the muppets!  Certainly no reflection on the company and it’s employees I hope!

And to continue the family theme the honour of cutting the ribbon was given to Phil’s daughter and Sarah’s father.  You have two doors through which you can enter the offices, the front door and the garden gate, complete with its own little cat and picket fence.

Colour portrait of a man cutting ribbon to launch the new offices

Colour image of All About Food

As you walk into the office you’re greeted by two park benches and a wonderful grass carpet.  As you turn the corner you enter the village green, with it’s own picnic bench, flowers and a beautiful view of the green.  To your right you can enter the town hall (aka meeting room 1) and the scout hut (meeting room 2).  Separated by the village shop with all the wonderful products on the shelves which all about food market.  Along the path there is a large picture of a coffee shop leading to the kitchen and huge family size dining room.  Which not only looks amazing by itself but it overlooks a huge field of lush green grass.  Leading from the kitchen is a gym (yes, you heard correctly) complete with dart board, putting hole and some serious gym equipment.

Colour picture of All About Food

Then you go upstairs to the serious side of the business, and we still weren’t disappointed.  Each member of staff had their own personalised mug and water bottle to keep them hydrated throughout the day and to keep the mental juices flowing.  And if they felt the need to chill out a bit they could always go to the tv room complete with two huge comfy couches and a fantastic tv on the wall.  Or alternatively if they needed a boost of inspiration they could visit the village library complete with a huge array of books including ‘Cooking with balls’, ‘Delia’s vegetarian collection’ and ‘Lizzy the lamb’ and ‘Bulgy rides again’ from the Thomas the tank engine range, just for any little people visiting the office!

Colour image of cups, library and noticeboard

We were lucky enough to stay around a while and be treated to some wonderful food by Colin Bussey,  who used to be the executive chef from the Gleneagles!  Archie had a delicious bacon butty and I had a gorgeous fruit platter along with cheese and a sneaky Danish.  Though I have to admit as a vegetarian I was so tempted by the smell of the sausages Colin was cooking, they were the most delicious smelling sausages ever.  Courtesy of Matthew’s own pigs.

We left everyone tucking into brunch and couldn’t wait to get home to download the pictures.  But the best part was hearing the reactions from people seeing the office for the first time.  Here are a few quotes

“It’s amazing!”

“Feels like chelsea flower show”

“Will anyone get any work done”

“Does this mean I have to go to the gym now?”

“Just wait till you’ve seen upstairs”


“Having the mugs on the wall is a godsend”

“Just point me to the gym”


“It looks absolutely brilliant”

and my favourite one was –

“We’ve got hula hoops!”.

There were even two excited staff members who couldn’t decide where to go, as one was saying “lets go back downstairs” her friend was saying “no I haven’t seen everything upstairs yet!”

How many people do you know who get so excited over their office?

All About Food is a company that knows exactly who it is, what’s important to it and is very confident about what it does.  And who can blame them, after spending only a couple of hours with them it’s clear that this company really has a family atmosphere and it was great to be a part of the opening ceremony.

Thanks so much All About Food.

Colour Portrait of two people sitting at a bench in an officeColoured squares with black and white picturesColour image of an office kitchenColour group photo of everyone in their new officesColour image of a couple smiling on park benchBlack and white image of brass band

Colour image of a bosu ballColour picture of colourful lightsColour picture of Colin Bussey

  • July 18, 2012 - 17:40

    Jan - If I ever decide to get a “proper job”, I want to work for a company with offices like that! Great photos Lizz, it looked like everyone enjoyed themselves 🙂ReplyCancel

  • July 18, 2012 - 18:24

    Galina St George - Hi Lizz,

    This show was all about food, and your blog is all about wonderful photographs which speak louder than any words would. Love the pictures – looks like you both know and love what you are doing. Food has such a power over us – can make us miserable, but can also make us so happy… I envy you – would love to have visited it and tried all those yummy dishes. A great narration of the experience too.

    Warm wishes, 🙂


  • July 18, 2012 - 21:37

    Sarah (the Office Mum!) - Absolutely love the blog post and thanks so much for the wonderful photos – a great way to remember our big day!ReplyCancel

  • July 25, 2012 - 14:01

    Sue Worthington - Lizz your photos are spectacular as always, and showcase this company beautifully.

    Great selling point for you – your clients not only get quality photos but also a spot in your blog which is further publicity for the business – well done you!

    I want to work here – do they need a social media advisor? lol


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