Ainsdale Beach Engagement Shoot

Romantic Engagement Shoot

We met Kristen and Richard at the Great Lancashire Wedding Show.  Talk about Romance (with a capital R!).
Kristen and Richard met online, a very long distance online.  Kristen lived in Canada and Richard lives in Wigan.  Sometimes love doesn’t care where you live, it just knows you should be together.  And this is definitely the case with Kristen and Richard.
After meeting a few times on holidays, Kristen made the move to Wigan permanently to be with Richard and brought her lovely little cat, Dexter too.
Kristen and Richard love to read a comic called Soppy by Philippa Rice.  Check it out, it’s adorable.  Kristen and Richard believe their life is just like the lives of the two characters in the comic.
So, when Richard decided to propose, he wrote to the author and she included it in her comic.  As Kristen was reading the comic, and got to the ‘Will you marry me?’ part, Richard was holding a beautiful engagement ring.  HOW ROMANTIC IS THAT??!!

Kristen doesn’t live close to a beach in Canada.  So, for their engagement shoot, we travelled over to Ainsdale Beach.  And, as per usual, the beach didn’t fail to give us beautiful locations and the tide even came in enough for a little paddle.

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