5 tips when choosing your wedding shoes

Life is short, buy the shoes (definitely don’t scrimp on your wedding shoes!)

If you saw on our instagram feed this week, it’s been all about the shoes.  Gorgeous, different coloured wedding shoes.

There are so many different styles to choose from, high heels, flats, sparkly, plain, sandles, the list is endless.  So we asked the lovely Charlotte from Legend Bridal if she had any tips when choosing wedding shoes.  Legend Bridal Designs are one of Lancashire’s leading wedding dress designers and they have so much experience of choosing the right shoe.

Now it’s over to Charlotte.

1: Go Wild…

I have serious shoe envy on a daily basis.  It’s rare that I see two brides wear the same pair of shoes.  It’s the perfect opportunity to express yourself and it’s one of those times you can really go to town.  There is nothing quite like a flash of colour, so if tradtional bridal shoes don’t take your fancy, don’t be afraid to do it differently.
Wedding Shoes

2: All that glitters…

We LOVE a bit of sparkle; glitter encrusted and swathed in diamantes, but while those glitzy shoes will look all kinds of amazing, I would personally save heavily decorated shoes for shorter length dresses.  Shoes with a slightly rough texture, grip the layers of your dress and may cause you to trip or in the case of chunky claw diamantes, can catch on lace and, heaven forbid, cause tears in the fabric.
Wedding Shoes

3: It’s a long day…

Stick to what you’re used to.  If you’re not used to wearing heels on a daily basis, then don’t go for the sky scrapers.  It shows in your posture when you’re unsure on your feet and it’s an extremely long day to be achy and sore.  Our advice is to opt for a height that you know you’re comfortable with and a style that is true to your own personal style.  There is so much choice out there nowadays that there’s no need to compromise on design.
White Lace Wedding Shoes

4: Wear them in…

Comfort is key and your wedding day is not the time to be hobbling around in uncomfortable shoes.  Seriously, this is a no brainer.  Yes, you want to keep your shoes immaculate for your wedding day, but it’s incredibly important to make sure they don’t pinch and are easy to walk in.  Don’t worry about your other half catching a glimpse of your shoes before the wedding day.
Gold, Glittery Wedding Shoes

5: Buy your wedding shoes before your dress fittings…

You need your shoes at each and EVERY fitting.  It can’t be underestimated how important your shoes are.  Not only do they finish your look and determine the length of your dress, they influence the way you hold yourself and MAY affect which alterations you need or persuade you to wear a hoop.  It isn’t even good enough to bring shoes you think will be the same height…that centimeter could be the difference between your dress looking that smidge too short when you’re stood still or tuck under when you walk.
Gold Wedding Shoes

Hopefully, those fantastic tips will help you to choose your favourite wedding shoes. I particularly like tip number 5 because I didn’t do this and my dress was definitely too long!

But, if I were getting married again, I’d be buying my shoes from Middo Shoes. These shoes are simply to drool over and I can’t wait till we get a ‘real life’ bride to wear them!

And now, here’s a quick selection of the shoes some past brides have worn.

Collage of Wedding Shoes

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